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7 Series | Warm Up For Runners

Jon Grayson

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7 workouts | 7 mins | 7 exercises

How Often: Before every run. Simple!

Warm Up for runners is the 1st instalment of our 7 Series. A series of 7 workouts, each 7 minutes long with 7 exercises in each. These short and manageable conditioning programmes aim at making you stronger, improve your running efficiency and ultimately help injury prevention. They include exercises to help with:

We’ve developed a simple 7 minute workout tailored to runners.

After a good 8 hours sleep that leaves 16 hours of the day. 960 minutes in a day. 6720 minutes in the week. Just 7 minutes out of 6720 can improve your running and help reduce your chance of injury. I’d say that’s worth a go!

7 Series | Warm Up For Runners

Warm up for runners have historically got a lot of press over the years, mainly focusing on their importance to reduce injuries. The main focus is that a warm up should get your body prepped for running more efficiently by steadily increasing your heart rate, blood flow to your muscles, and air to your lungs. Gone are the days of just standing around holding static stretches for a few seconds.

Just 7 minutes of dynamic warm up exercises prior to running will help improve your mobility and muscle power. Ultimately making you more efficient and less likely to get injured. In this video we’ve targeted the main muscle groups used when you run.

Warm Up For Runners

You can repeat the 7 minute workout 2 or 3 times if you want to be extra prepared before a run.

As with all these exercises, if you experience pain at any point do not carry on and push through. Seek advice from a Physio. To help you recognise good pain vs bad pain take a look at our recent blog here

Look out for our next instalment in the the 7 Series coming soon

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