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Exercise Videos

Help yourself. Get better. Stay better.

The bodies healing process is a continuum of recovery and is constantly adapting to whatever stress you give it on a daily basis. That’s why it is essential your rehabilitation must also form a continuum, giving the body the optimum environment to get better…and stay better.

We aim to keep your rehab gold-standard. We want you to know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and do it well.

As a result we split our exercises into 3 levels, from more basic (level 1) to advanced and sports specific training (level 3).

*We strongly advise you only follow the exercises prescribed for you by your Physiotherapist.*

  • Get the stiff bits moving again
  • Mobilise joints and stretch out tight tissues
  • Isolate and activate lazy muscles
  • Get more body aware
  • Begin to set up the right areas that need some strength and control

  • Improve your balance & control
  • Stabilise uncontrolled joints and body parts
  • Strengthen the weak bits for functional tasks
  • Improve your muscle endurance

  • Gets your body moving quicker
  • Advance your agility
  • Strengthen the weak bits for dynamic tasks
  • Work on speed and power
  • Sports specific training
  • Return to play

Exercise Videos

Manual therapy opens the door to get you feeling and moving better. Rehab then takes over to improve you further and keep you this way. Our exercises are evidence-based to prove what we do works. *If you experience any pain during or after each exercise then stop immediately and consult your Physiotherapist*