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Spinal pain

Spinal pain is a general term referring to pain occurring anywhere in the spine. Most commonly, we see stiffness and pain in the neck, thoracic (mid-back), and low back region.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Physiotherapy is the primary treatment for lower back pain. It is particularly effective in the treatment of mechanical pain, which...

Sarah Brownhill (née Crisp)

Red Flags | Do I Have Something Serious?

If you are reading this blog it is likely you have been pointed in this direction by your Physiotherapist to...

Sue Dale

Does The Perfect Posture Exist?

Are you sitting comfortably…because in one word the answer is, NO! Posture | The Myths If you type into Google...

Jon Grayson

Headaches | Physiotherapy Can Help

Headaches Headaches can be a painful and debilitating condition for many people. If you have experienced a headache before, you...

Johnny Cassidy