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Clinical Pilates | 1:1

We are often asked, why would I want to attend a Clinical Pilates one to one? The focus on health or injury issues on an individual basis can be beneficial both to your practice in Clinical Pilates sessions but also on achieving goals specific to your performance in other areas of your life such as sport or posture.

Who would benefit from a 1:1 ?

The short answer is everyone! Many people can find the thought of attending a class intimidating, particularly if you are new to Pilates. A Clinical Pilates one to one session can help introduce you to the key principles of Pilates. The sessions slowly teach you exercises until you feel confident joining the class environment.

A one to one session can be completely bespoke and unique for your individual needs. You might be working towards your individual therapy, rehabilitation or sporting goals. Sometimes the content of a class can be too much if you are in chronic pain or simply just unfamiliar with the basic moves and techniques.

Is a Clinical Pilates 1:1 for me?

Still not sure? Everyone is motivated in different ways. Some people definitely respond better in a class environment. They enjoy the social aspect of exercising alongside the same people each week with similar aches, pains and ‘life’ niggles!

However, a one to one session can help refine your technique. It ensures you get the most out of your classes. A one to one session can also be incredibly beneficial if you have a chronic condition and find some positions uncomfortable or even impossible to achieve. During a Clinical Pilates one to one session we can find positions that work for you. The exercises will gradually increase in challenge within your own ability.

Should I have a 1:1 session before I join a class?

Ideally, yes! If you have never done pilates before and want to join our online or face to face Clinical Pilates classes then a 1:1 is essential. Your physiotherapist will be able to explain more about this process to you.

Do I have to progress to a Clinical Pilates class?

Not at all! You will be given exercises to do at home in between your one to one Clinical Pilates sessions. While we like to help people to progress to a class we recognise that some people prefer to continue with the one to one completely bespoke approach.

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