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Clinical Pilates | Classes

A Pilates based exercise programme is a lifestyle choice that focusses on improving movement, strength, flexibility and control. Clinical Pilates classes aim to optimise your body’s movement and function. This is the best way to prevent injury or problems from occurring in the first place.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates classes takes traditional Pilates exercises and makes them safer for people with injuries and pain issues. Using advanced knowledge of the musculoskeletal system (physiotherapy) and Pilates training to ensure an optimum outcome. The classes also take into account an individual’s injury history, specific muscle imbalances and their individual rehabilitation aims.

Many people come to Pilates classes to improve core stability following an injury, for example, lower back pain. The principles of Clinical Pilates mean that there are often many contributing factors to a particular issue. For example, lower back pain may be the main issue someone is hoping to ‘fix’. However, other associated problems such as hip or knee weakness may be contributing factors


Our Clinical Pilates classes incorporate advanced physiotherapy training with each Pilates exercise. As you begin to feel more confident exercises will be designed to add challenge. You will quickly see a difference in how your body responds to the classes. You will begin to remove bad habits, reduce pain and create a positive change.

Clinical Pilates classes teach you how to move in a way that is safe and beneficial. The exercises help protect your joints and muscles. Exercises specifically target the muscles that support your posture. As you get stronger you will move, sit or stand with the least stress or strain on your body. As your big postural muscles (often referred to as ‘your core’) get stronger you begin to use other muscles correctly. Muscles that may not have been able to work before. You will feel fitter and more balanced overall in your daily activities.

Clinical Pilates classes are for everyone! Any age and any ability. Our classes are small and bespoke. Within each class any exercise can be tailored to individual needs while still enjoying the added supportive and social benefits of a small group session.

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